Super Double Bonus Poker- Free Video Poker!

Free video poker and frequent jackpots are coming your way with yet another awesome Classic Poker iteration! Super Double Bonus Poker is a familiar poker game in the classic poker family. You’ll see more payoffs for certain combinations of 4-of-a-kind. Just like other iterations, the game is based on a five card draw.

Super Double Bonus Poker

Pay Table Differences

Just about all video poker games have the same gameplay style. The few differences tend to come in the pay tables and hand rankings. To find out more, continue reading for tips and strategy to win the best possible hands! You will notice that not all 4-of-a-kinds will pay out the same in Super Double Bonus Poker. There is a ranking from least to best, which is something to keep in mind as this also varies based on your kicker. Most 4-of-a-kind hands actually pay more than a Straight Flush. This is one key component that is different from your standard video poker play.


To start, follow the classic formula by choosing a bet level you are comfortable playing with. Remember, the more you bet, the more you can win! The bet range is between 1,000 credits and 5,000,000 credits for high rollers. That means you could win the ultimate 40,000,000 Royal Flush jackpot! Once you are ready, hit “Deal” and the game will dish you a five card hand. You can keep or discard any combination of these cards. Remember to keep an eye on the pay tables to ensure you go for the best hand for the biggest pay out! In this iteration, you play one hand, but some versions allow players to play up tp 25 hands per round for some serious fun and serious payouts! After choosing the cards you wish to keep, hit the deal button again to be dealt another round of cards to replace the ones that weren’t selected.

Super Double Bonus Poker

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